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      What Reviewers Say About Eisenhower Babies

"For fans of Growing Up by Russell Baker or A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd."

"The tone is humorous in some chapters, yet possesses gravity in others. Like the ebbs and flows of life, some episodes warrant a light approach, others require seriousness. Blair segues from one to an
other with ease. The result is a smooth and immersive read."

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About the Author

Ronnie Blair, a coal miner’s son who grew up to become a journalist, is the lead writer in public relations for Advantage Media Group and Forbes Books. Prior to joining Advantage, he worked for daily newspapers for more than three decades, including twenty years in writing and editing positions at the Tampa Tribune. During his newspaper career, Blair wrote about such varied subjects as education, business, crime, health, government, and many others. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Morehead State University in his home state of Kentucky. He and his wife, Carol, have two sons, Alex and Andy.

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